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Ideas that Work!
Ideas that Work!

Stains & Satin: Four Things To Remember

1. When removing a stain from a satin weave fabric, work on the back side to avoid damaging the fabric.

2. If it is necessary to work on the face side due to the nature of the stain or the garment’s construction, use a padded brush when tamping.

3. Do not rub to avoid breaking the floating yarns.

4. Always flush from the back side of the fabric when using the steam air gun.

—Brian Johnson, Director of Training & Technical Services




Use Proper Spatula Etiquette: Never Dig!

The purpose of the spatula is to gently work stain removal agents over the stain and into the fabric. This action helps break up the stain so it can be flushed from the fabric. However, what you’ll normally see is the technician attempting to “dig” the stain out with the pointed edge of the spatula. This improper use of the spatula is a sure way to cause fabric damage. The proper technique for the spatula is to use the rounded surface and allow it to come in contact with the stains about a half-inch from the point. Very little pressure should be applied.


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